Above the Abyss Development


The game was initially inspired by two other games: 

"The Creature in the Well" is a game that uses pinball mechanics by using a sword to gather up bullets and propel them towards objects in the room.  Using pinball bouncing mechanics was very fun with combat and I utilised this in the core design of my game.         

"Kickochet" was developed during the Game Maker’s Toolkit’s recent game jam. It involves a ninja kicking a shuriken as a projectile with it bouncing off walls and destroying targets. Players only have one bouncing shuriken and must  position themselves to catch it again. This was an interesting concept as players are often given plentiful ammo and don’t have to think about firing.


The project went through many iterations as I developed the core mechanics design constantly looking for fun and innovative ways to push it further. At the beginning I prototyped a basic level where I could fire a ball and it would bounce off some pillars with the only goal being to re-catch the ball. This firing mechanic was revised many times until it finally ended up with a ball you could fire and recall shortly after. Meaning players wouldn't lose their ball completely into the abyss if they fired it at an odd angle. I made sure to add extra interaction to the recall mechanic making it still damage enemies on its return. Players can also let go of right click to allow the ball to collide again making for some fun and creative game-play.


I took extensive notes for this project recording ideas of how I could develop my mechanic and level designs. I also drew out timelines for development and lists for what I needed to accomplish every day. Writing in the book allowed for quick and adaptable notation.