Cadenza of the Stars Development


During the two week game jam I knew I wanted to create something around music and creativity as my honours project would be tackling a similar subject. I was particularly inspired by a project by Scott Garner called "Reach". Its a large scale mural of a starscape that tasks players to hold hands and connect constellations together to play a musical note. The idea of using constellations as a musical tool was very interesting to us and it worked perfectly as a visual representation of a sequencer. Another game called "Proteus" had a very clever mechanic. It gave every object in the world a unique sound. I wanted to create a similar effect giving every star a random and unique note. Visually we took inspiration from "Monument Valley" as its isometric buildings were beautifully crafted. They made a very elegant game that could run on mobile devices. Our product also had to be lightweight so this was an ideal path to follow.                        


We developed the project over 7 weeks part time. Time management was one of our biggest challenges and we kept a tight schedule. Another challenge when developing the game was that it had to be multiplayer. This slowed down our development pace as it was our first networked game. I worked as the designer and artist on the project. This consisted of building cosmetic islands, designing new mechanics and implementing a narrative. We used the classic trope of the heroes journey as the main narrative. We showed this journey visually through one night from sunrise to sunset with an accompanying narrative players could unlock.


As we were working in a very small team I would use my notes to pitch ideas and concepts to my team mate. It allowed for quick and easy iteration and conveyed the idea easily ready for implementation. Drawing rough sketches of what the islands would look like helped us concept the world.