Ever wondered what the clouds were thinking?


This project was developed over 4 days during the week long game jam in Unity. I used multiple plugins to achieve the look which include a low poly asset pack, a skybox shader and a screen-space colour grading shader.

To create the clouds I used Unity's Shader Graph. I passed multiple noise nodes over each other to create a random effect, this shader was applied to a large plane.

The cameras visuals were created in Illustrator. When players take a photo it will save the image to their folder for later use and will also capture a render texture. This render texture is analysed every 1000 pixels. If the pixel is close to white it will add a semi random note in the scale of C to a sequencer. The sequencer is from an audio engine plugin that I use. After every ten notes are played a new piece of pre-made music is added in the background to create a sense of progression.

The narrative was written using a tool called Yarn Spinner, and was inspired by a long walk I had taken during Covid-19.