Spungeon Development


The project took inspiration from couch coop games like "OverCooked" and adds a more mature theme and twist to the game-play aiming at an older demographic. I also took inspiration from a game called "Dungeon Crawl". This is another couch-coop game that pitches players against each other racing to win. I took inspiration from its style and how its design encourages teamwork and competitiveness. "Viscera Cleanup Detail" also used gory and interesting cleaning mechanics which I studied.


I played the role of producer on the project meaning I worked with lots of timelines and led discussions making sure the team was on track and hitting deadlines. I also worked on the mechanics design of the project creating diagrams and documents for the programmer, artists and designer to use. I also composed the music and recorded the SFX for the game to fill in the gaps as we were lacking a specific audio designer.


I created many prototypes on paper before pitching the final idea of Spungeon to the team.  My method of working on the project was to concept on paper and then move to making it digital and neater. I used this method for everything from timelines to mechanic designs.