Waiting For Her Development


I was first inspired to do this topic as I my future girlfriend while I was travelling in Japan. When I was heading back home from holiday, I came up with the game concept as I wasn't not sure when the next time I would see her. This made the game very personal to me and hopefully others will be able to relate with similar experiences.

I also took inspiration from ‘Desert Bus Driver’. You play as a bus driver driving to Phoenix Arizona from Las Vegas, in a real time 8 hour journey. The bus is constantly veering to the right and players must straighten it up, meaning they cannot leave their seat in real life. The game has no pause function and if you swerve the game will restart. It was originally made as a statement against anti video game lobbyists in the early 90’s. What inspired me the most about this piece was that it was purposefully boring. It wasn’t made for a pleasurable experience, it wasn’t consumer driven.


As the game-play is purposely boring, the mechanics are used to force the player to pay attention and not drift off. This is done by making the player press the forwards button again every time the queue move forwards. If they fail to join the queue in time, the game will tell the player that they did not wait for her, and restart. This fits with the theme of self doubt and gives the player the option to move on instead of waiting for her.
I used ghost characters for the people in the queue, as I believe waiting can feel quite lonesome. Sometimes it can feel like you are the only one going through this. They also are the exact same sprite shape as the player, as he is not queuing with anyone else but himself. It is a personal form of waiting between two people.


For this project the idea initially was clear in my head, so note taking was more for creating lists of work that had to be done. A couple iterations of the waiting system were made, like having a miniature planet players must loop around to reach the end.